Merry Meet, Greetings and Salutations my magical friends. Welcome to The Mystic’s Haven, the newest incarnation of my dream job. 

If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you’ll recall that in the fall of 2017 I closed down my last website and took a sabbatical. (I left the Etsy shop open at a hobbyist level)

For 9 months, I didn’t write, I didn’t create, I didn’t photograph.  I didn’t concern myself with collecting nature or posting meme’s or reaching out in any way. I filled orders, replied to Etsy inquiries, and in the spring I created a custom Spirit Doll upon request for a guest I’d worked with in the past.

During that time I focused on my family and my home. I rested and regenerated.

In July of 2018, as I was fulfilling an order from Etsy, I knew it was time to start again.

So Here I am.

You can find all my wares  at The Mystic’s Haven on Etsy. 

This little niche in the Web, is where I write. In this incarnation I write a lot. I write about my family, my village, my craft, my practices and my beliefs. Sometimes I’m funny and sometimes I’m deep and according to my children, sometimes I’m an insufferable know-it-all.

(I heart Hermoine)

Wander through and check out the latest post! Leave comments!
I respond well to positive attention.

Affiliate disclosure: I like to share links to things I own, use, appreciate, support and suggest. Occasionally, I share affiliate links to these things. As per U.S Regulations I have to tell you that if you follow the link and buy it, I get a little bit of money for it. You don’t pay more than you would if you found it yourself but the commission helps offset the cost of maintaining this website. Don’t worry, I’ll remind you again.. at the top of relevant posts that contain those ominous affiliate links.

If I link to something in my Etsy shop, I get 100% (minus fees) and you get an awesome one-of-kind piece of art!


Also there’s this disclaimer:

Pursuant to the United States Postal Service regulations and other State and Federal laws, I am unable to make any claim as to the effectiveness either magical or medicinal of any of the products here at The Mystic’s Haven.
While the products are either traditional or specific to the craft, I am unable to make any guarantees and I’m required to advise they are “Sold as Curios Only”
No herbal product is intended as a substitute for competent medical care. Please see your physician before adding any herbal supplement to your diet.
All information herein is from traditional or historical reference and intended to help you make an informed decision.

Thanks for bumbling through the boring parts – Now Go Have Fun!