About Me

Want to know a Secret?    Magic makes life Better.

I’m assuming you suspected that (if you didn’t already know).aboutSelfiered

I suspected it  20 years ago but back then…magical living seemed so ….complicated. It’s not.Really, it’s not. I promise it’s worth it.

Welcome to The Mystic’s Haven! I’m Heather. (and that’s one of my minions)

I am an Artist, a Mother, a Wife, a Friend, a Coach, a Teacher, a Priestess, a Lover of Life and Holder of Sacred Space.

For the past 20 years, I’ve been living a very Magical Life and it keeps getting better and better.

You’ve stumbled into my sacred space on the web. Since I don’t believe in coincidences, I’m sure this is exactly where you need to be.

Maybe you’re just curious; about me, my art, my lifestyle. *ask me anything*

Maybe your life is a little like mine and you’re looking to connect. *((hugs)) Let’s be friends!*

Or maybe you’re new at this “magical living” thing and need some support or encouragement. *deep breath ~ you’re doing just fine*

About2014red-OctIn this space, my Mystical Haven on the Web,

I share my own personal life lessons, experiences and observations as a 21 rst century witch in the Western world

I share my experience of working with different Ancient Goddesses, plants and crystal energies; how they help me and how they can help you, as well.

I share my art and hobbies; what I make, why I make and things you can do yourself that will make your life more magical.
I share my creative adventures, parenting adventures, and magical adventures because a Magical Life is often disguised as a Normal one.
As a little girl, I was the quiet, artistic, first born child of a couple of hippies turned Fundamentalists. Their life choice alienated us from their extended families but not aboutgrandmagoheen77redbefore my dad’s sisters left an impression on me.

My Irish Aunts were raised Catholic but lived by a different code; a rather witchy code. Growing up, I didn’t visit them often but I held onto that feeling that they pulsed with; that energy of power and joy and magic.

I was drawn to the mystical, magical and natural. I talked to the moon while other girls wrote in diaries. I was luckier because the moon talked back. I read my horoscope daily, studied astrological signs and dabbled with ouiji boards when my mother wasn’t looking.

Somewhere amongst the teenage angst, anger and rebellion, I lost the sense of magic. I eventually married a Catholic and dove into the world of Saints and Angels.

I’d lose my sense of power and joy before I was done.

I went back to school and was formally educated in counseling practices and psychology. It taught me to observe better.

I see a lot. I see the ways we make ourselves miserable, how we make others miserable, the subtle ways we lose hope, and why we build walls separating us from our own happiness.

It also gave me the tools to fix that. I’ve been using these tools ever since.

On February 2, 2001, with the blessing of the Goddess Brigid, I dedicated myself to study the craft for a year and a day. It was a tough year. I battled depression and insecurity, lost weight, won a raffle, recognized the beginning of the end of my marriage.

I reconnected with the strong independent parts of myself that I thought were gone forever.

I stuck with my practices. I stayed committed to myself and by the end of the year, more good than bad happened and I never gave it up.

Magic is Empowering.

Magic is Creative.

Magic can change your Life.

I’m not saying its always easy, but I promise it’s worth it.

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