The Magnolia Beanie; My newest skill

So this year I learned how to knit. What you should know is that every year for the last 16 years, I get tired of crocheting and pull out a set of knitting needles and try to figure out the magic. I literally had one set of #8 knitting needles and a pamphlet from Frank’s Nursery … Continue reading The Magnolia Beanie; My newest skill

Self-Discipline and Personal Power

I want to talk about personal power and self discipline....It's not a popular topic. Everybody wants a magic answer. They want to wave a wand or wiggle their nose and have the job done. Me too, folks. Me too. This is at the forefront of my mind for a couple reasons. The first has to … Continue reading Self-Discipline and Personal Power

Harvesting the Basil

This page contains affiliate links to products. I may receive a commission for purchases made through these links at no extra cost to you.  So far the toughest part about blogging about life stuff is remembering to take the pictures. You'd think it would be fairly easy in this Age of Instagram but I keep … Continue reading Harvesting the Basil

Dame Habonde – a Lesson in Abundance

I recently received a request for a custom Spirit Doll from a client I've worked with before. He asked if I'd ever heard of Dame Habonde. I hadn't but a quick google search netted me plenty of information of this little known goddess and peaked my interest. In Celtic areas she was a Goddess of … Continue reading Dame Habonde – a Lesson in Abundance

It’s 2019 B!tches!

Yeah for the new year! Are you feeling feisty and ready to conquer? I am. It's been awhile since I've made a Spirit Doll. It's been awhile since I've connected with any specific Goddess. The last two years have been rough. I feel like I've been in constant contact with my personal guides and ancestors, … Continue reading It’s 2019 B!tches!