For the Love of Daffodils

A few weeks ago I joined a group that is all about learning and making Flower Essence. I love flowers. I keep a garden. I collect plant material for Art and Spells. I knew nothing about Flower Essence but I jumped in feet first! The first flowers to come up in my garden  were Daffodils. … Continue reading For the Love of Daffodils

In the Spirit of Cailleach Bhuer

I'm happy to say that I've finished the Cailleach Bhuer Spirit Doll. Every spirit doll is a journey but the Goddess dolls are very interesting journeys. *edit* I'm even happier to report that Cailleach Bhuer found  a home shortly after being listed. Cailleach Bhuer - the Blue-Faced Hag -  is an ancient Celtic Crone Goddess, … Continue reading In the Spirit of Cailleach Bhuer