Dame Habonde – a Lesson in Abundance

I recently received a request for a custom Spirit Doll from a client I've worked with before. He asked if I'd ever heard of Dame Habonde. I hadn't but a quick google search netted me plenty of information of this little known goddess and peaked my interest. In Celtic areas she was a Goddess of … Continue reading Dame Habonde – a Lesson in Abundance

It’s 2019 B!tches!

Yeah for the new year! Are you feeling feisty and ready to conquer? I am. It's been awhile since I've made a Spirit Doll. It's been awhile since I've connected with any specific Goddess. The last two years have been rough. I feel like I've been in constant contact with my personal guides and ancestors, … Continue reading It’s 2019 B!tches!

For the Love of Daffodils

A few weeks ago I joined a group that is all about learning and making Flower Essence. I love flowers. I keep a garden. I collect plant material for Art and Spells. I knew nothing about Flower Essence but I jumped in feet first! The first flowers to come up in my garden ¬†were Daffodils. … Continue reading For the Love of Daffodils