Dame Habonde – a Lesson in Abundance

I recently received a request for a custom Spirit Doll from a client I've worked with before. He asked if I'd ever heard of Dame Habonde. I hadn't but a quick google search netted me plenty of information of this little known goddess and peaked my interest. In Celtic areas she was a Goddess of … Continue reading Dame Habonde – a Lesson in Abundance

The Hag of Winter

I'm the only practicing witch here at the Haven. I have hopes for the younger minions; Peter Pan, Dark&Twisty and maybe even Dennis the Menace. The rest are doing their own thing. Just because I'm the only witch doesn't mean I'm the only one affected by the energy. Both The Renaissance Man and The Princess … Continue reading The Hag of Winter

In the Spirit of Cailleach Bhuer

I'm happy to say that I've finished the Cailleach Bhuer Spirit Doll. Every spirit doll is a journey but the Goddess dolls are very interesting journeys. *edit* I'm even happier to report that Cailleach Bhuer found¬† a home shortly after being listed. Cailleach Bhuer - the Blue-Faced Hag -¬† is an ancient Celtic Crone Goddess, … Continue reading In the Spirit of Cailleach Bhuer