Hexing, Healing and Harming None.

I've been asked if I put spells on people, good or bad. I don't. Well, not specific spells, anyway- general well-being, protective and healing spells if asked or if I'm feeling compelled at the time. Its because I believe in free will, life lessons and karma. My ex, the Idiot, was convinced I cursed him … Continue reading Hexing, Healing and Harming None.

Dame Habonde – a Lesson in Abundance

I recently received a request for a custom Spirit Doll from a client I've worked with before. He asked if I'd ever heard of Dame Habonde. I hadn't but a quick google search netted me plenty of information of this little known goddess and peaked my interest. In Celtic areas she was a Goddess of … Continue reading Dame Habonde – a Lesson in Abundance